• Google Wallet Payments Now Supported!

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    We are very pleased to announce that we’ve added Google Wallet to our list of supported payment methods! With a few clicks you can quickly, easily and securely make payments using Google Wallet!

    Google Wallet is the replacement of the successful Google Checkout system and makes it easy for customers to make payments directly from their Google account. With tens of millions of users, Google Wallet is sure to make it easier for our customers to make payments, especially where PayPal is unsupported.

    There is a 5% gateway fee for Google Wallet transactions.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix!


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  • Coming Soon! SmarterMail v12!

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    We are very pleased to announce that SmarterMail v12 is right around the corner! Literally! SmarterTools has stated that they are planning for 2-13-2014 as the release date for SmarterMail v12. We of course will be upgrading our SmarterMail systems to this new version to take advantage of all the improvements and new features! Users can expect improved functionality, new features as well as higher efficiency with this major upgrade!

    Our internal testing is looking very promising! SmarterMail feels snappier; mailboxes load faster, even those that have a large amount of email. The new HTML message editor has been completely redone; the new editor is much faster and has better reproduction and better rendering of HTML than the previous editor. Emails that contain a large amount of HTML, such as Newsletters render much faster. Tons of other system level improvements that we believe will help boost the overall experience that the user will have using SmarterMail!

    We will be upgrading to this version once it is released, we feel it is perfectly safe to upgrade as we have been testing it internally since the beta period started. We see no reason to delay the upgrade. So expect to see an upcoming announcement for the upgrade soon!

    Thank you again for choosing ASPnix!

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  • Our Communication Options (Social, Push, Email)

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    We’d like to take a moment to let you know about all of our available social networks as well as our blog subscription options. We can be found on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and Twitter. You can also subscribe to our blog for email notifications at https://aspnix.com/subscription. Our Community Forums are also available at https://community.aspnix.com/.

    Did you know that we also support Push Notifications through the Pushover app available for iOS and Android! For more information you can view our article on this here https://aspnix.com/kb/enable-push-notifications-client-area/ and here as well https://aspnix.com/kb/requirements-receive-push-notifications/.

    We hope that these help you stay more in-touch with us and be alerted to service notifications, outages, changes and other announcements more easily. We are making it a goal to be more interactive, more social and more open to our customers as well as maintain communication during unfortunate events such as outages.

    As always, thank you for choosing ASPnix!

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  • FTP client FileZilla falls victim to a malicious copycat

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    The hugely popular open source FTP client FileZilla fell victim to a malicious copycat floating around on the Internet. This version of FileZilla is reported to be stealing FTP credentials. If you use FileZilla (which the majority of our users do), please make sure you are running the real version from https://filezilla-project.org/

    This is a good time to review your FTP account security settings! Remember, if you use IP restrictions, even if a malicious user obtains your password, they cannot login with IP restrictions set!

    To see the full report here – http://thehackernews.com/2014/01/warning-malicious-version-of-ftp.html

    Thank you again for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!

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  • Better Website / Account Security

    7 comments February 3rd, 2014 470 View(s)

    We’ve seen a rise in websites account accounts being compromised, hacked and attacked due to many issues which we will be discussing here. Hopefully we can help you protect your website’s contents, protect important documents, files, images and other personal information you may have stored on our servers as well as help keep your account from being suspended.

    1. Website
      1. If your website does not write to files, does not take uploads etc. Disable write permissions on your website completely.
      2. If your website does write to files, disable write permissions on your website and use the file manager to set write permissions on only what you need.
      3. If you are using a commercial or open source available product such as WordPress, Joomla, PHPbb etc. make sure you are always running the latest version. Keep track of new release announcements and keep your website updated. Popular applications are updated frequently so keep an eye out!
    2. FTP Accounts
      1. Use FTP over SSL only, set your FTP account to “SSL Only” in the control panel to prevent connections over standard FTP.
      2. Use only trusted FTP applications and download them from their respective developer’s website. To prevent the application from stealing credentials. Do not use “cracked” or “pirated” applications as they could be insecure.
      3. Use strong passwords, the password “Mikeftp1″ is not a secure password. “9876ui*O-I723_44″ is a secure password.
      4. If you use FTP from locations that have a static IP or an IP address that rarely changes, use our “IP Restrictions” feature in the control panel to prevent access from IP addresses you do not specify.
    3. Email Accounts
      1. Use strong passwords, the password “Cindy1988″ is not a secure password. “9876ui*O-I723_44″ is a secure password.
      2. Disable the webmail service for your account if you do not use or do not rely on this for email access.
      3. Disable unneeded services. For example, if you only use IMAP, disable POP.
      4. Monitor your account closely, if you receive bounce reports or failure notices for emails you do not recognize, change your password immediately and alert our support department.
      5. Do not use the same password for all email accounts.
      6. If you can, use only SSL or TLS based connections to send and receive email

    We hope this helps you have a better idea about how to secure your website and your account from attacks, spammers, etc. If you have any questions, let us know!

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your hosting provider!

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  • ASPnix now accepts Bitcoin as a payment method

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    Bitcoins Rise

    Starting today, we are excited to inform you that ASPnix is now accepting Bitcoin crypto-currency for all services including shared hosting, virtual and dedicated servers, domain registrations, SSL certificates, Email Hosting and TeamSpeak VoIP services for both monthly and annual payment plans.

    ASPnix partnered with Coinbase for its low cost BTC processing services.

    Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer crypto-currency that enables instant payments with lowest fees and makes currency local to all customers world-wide.

    For many months now Bitcoin has been a long requested payment method and we are pleased to announce that we've listened to your feedback!

    Please note that if paid with Bitcoin, the credit card processing fee will be waived.

    Bitcoin Now Accepted

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  • Clan payments (Group payments) now accepted! Let others contribute funds to your services!

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    We are very excited to announce that we now offer a very easy way for clients to offer their members, friends and family an option to contribute funds to their accounts to pay for services. The primary use of this will be for TeamSpeak clients who operate a TeamSpeak server for their clan. With this, clan members can help contribute funds to pay for the TeamSpeak server. However it is not limited to just TeamSpeak clients, any ASPnix client can use this right now and start accepting payments from anyone!

    We have several clients that host game servers on our VPS services that accept donations; this is a super easy way for members and guests to easily donate funds to their account to pay for the VPS.

    You may login to the client area at https://billing.aspnix.com/clientarea.php then navigate to https://billing.aspnix.com/grouppay.php

    To allow users to contribute funds to your account you will need to give them your unique client group pay URL as shown. It will look something like…


    For more information about the Clan Pay (Group Pay) system you can view our Knowledgebase here https://aspnix.com/kb/clan-pay-group-pay/ if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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  • 32-bit vs 64-bit Application Pool bitness level for PHP… Any differences?

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    This is a commonly asked question that we get and we would love to address it here! I setup a small test server under IIS 7.5 and PHP 5.5 under FastCGI (the exact same PHP setup that our Windows shared services use) and executed a stress test of 10000 requests. The text was run 10 times in each bitness mode and the average taken between the 10 tests.

    PHP - 32-bit vs 64-bit Application Pool

    The difference in terms of performance is really zero. The difference of 2 requests per second is not enough to measure any real difference in performance. However when doing this test with the new Zend Opcode Cache extension enabled, we produced segmentation faults when in 64-bit Application Pool mode. When in the 32-bit Application Pool mode, we produced no errors, even after 12 hours of stressing the PHP / worker processes.

    So when choosing the best Application Pool bitness mode we have a few recommendations…

    • Either bitness mode will work unless…
    • You are using PHP 5.5 and the Zend Opcode Cache extension within your application, use 32-bit bitness
    • If you are running a mixed language site (Such as .Net and PHP or Classic ASP and PHP), the bitness level you select may affect your application (especially if you are using 64-bit for Classic ASP) so take care in the mode you select

    Hopefully this helps anyone that is confused or concerned over the best option for PHP powered websites and the IIS Application Pool bitness mode.

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  • PHP 5.3 – Reaching its End of Life

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    The PHP group today has announced that PHP 5.3 is reaching its End of Life. Below is the post directly from php.net

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 5.3.27. About 10 bugs were fixed, including a security fix in the XML parser (Bug #65236). Please Note: This will be the last regular release of the PHP 5.3 series. All users of PHP are encouraged to upgrade to PHP 5.4 or PHP 5.5. The PHP 5.3 series will receive only security fixes for the next year.

    ASPnix supports both PHP 5.4 and 5.5 so you may test migrating your PHP 5.2 and 5.3 based websites to these newer versions of PHP at any time. We highly recommend that everyone at least look into upgrading their applications to one of the newer releases of PHP (especially if you still use PHP 5.2).

    If you are unsure if your application supports these versions of PHP, please contact the developer.


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  • New anti-spam solution powered by Commtouch

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    We are very happy to announce that we’ve updated our anti-spam solution to include Commtouch! This cloud based anti-spam solution has a 99% detection rate with nearly no false-positives making it one of the best solutions on the market. Their systems process over 10 billion requests per day and then use this collected data to determine if an email is spam based on the data of these collected requests. Since this is a live service even new outbreaks are detected quickly and stopped before they reach your inbox!

    Since this service is live and fully interactive, if you report an email as “spam” or “not spam” through the SmarterMail interface the email is reported to the Commtouch center and their detection algorithms rework why the email was classified or not classified as spam properly. By reporting a false-positive or an email not categorized as spam you contribute to the nearly half-a-billion users that use this service and help stop the spreading of spam!

    Continue reading “New anti-spam solution powered by Commtouch” »

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